Pics – A 175 feet Gothic tower in England has been converted into a luxury home

180-year Hadlow Tower may looked like it is plucked right out of an English gothic novel, but on the inside, it has all the modern conveniences of today. Located in the grounds of Hadlow Castle in Tonbridge, Kent, this architectural treasure is actually on sale for just under $2.7m – some would call that a steal!

The 175ft tall, 8 storey tower was built back in 1838 by a wealthy merchant named Walter Barton May. In fact, rumor has it May built the tower to spy on his ex-wife who had left him for a farmer.

The tower has undergone a dramatic overhaul since then and it now boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a drawing room and a media room.

The living room is almost mundane until you notice the details of the magnificent fireplace, the chandelier and the beautiful windows.

Modern amenities in the tower include electrical fittings and a much-needed elevator. The décor too has been kept modern and upbeat.

The large pink dining room has a special alcove for a piano.

This bedroom feels royal with its heavy curtains for privacy and bright blue walls. A set of wooden stairs leads you further up the tower.

Some of the more eclectic décor elements include this metal knight armour!

This study is more dramatic than the other rooms thanks to the industrial staircase and the bare walls.

The master bedroom is located at the top of the tower and offers access to a private terrace.

The property was available for a time as a holiday accommodation, but was sold to a private owner – Christian Tym who paid just £425,000 (US$568,187) for it. Tym has now put the tower house on sale for £2 million.


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