Pierre Cardin’s $3 billion Palace of Light skyscraper gets a thumbs down from Venetians

Italian-born French fashion designer Pierre Cardin has plans to create an 800-foot-tall luxury skyscraper which he has designed in Venice, with an aim to boost the pace of the local economy. However, locals are not too pleased as despite making way for 5,000 new jobs and clean up pollutants at the industrial port, the $3-billion “Palais Lumiere,” made up of three interconnecting towers that will house a fashion university, luxury hotel, and shopping center, hasn’t gone down too well with the locals. Skeptics, which includes the likes of Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti suggest that although it will not harm the city’s historical significance, it will surely “squash the city’s proportions.”

The exhibit showing the project in Venice, was unveiled around the city’s Architecture Biennale. While Cardin is ready to fork out as much as $1.68-billion for the project, but didn’t expect such a hostile response. Venetians are seeming not too please about an altered skyline that will boost a fashion mogul’s ego.