Take a look at this breathtaking house in Cape Town

While some of the best properties in the world can be referred to as majestic and grand, we cannot take away the limelight from the quaint, simplistic yet extremely extraordinary properties that often steal our hearts. One such luxury abode that mesmerized us lately is a delightful tree house in Cape Town, South Africa.

Even though this African home isn’t technically a tree house, calling it one makes all the sense in the world due to its aesthetics. Designed by celebrated local firm – Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design, the house in question is a contemporary home perched atop a tree-like property. Its modern take on an actual tree house cannot be missed, and hence it is also aptly titled as the “Paarman Treehouse”. Created especially to magnify the beauty of nature, the African home is built on an elevation that presents the best views of surroundings, to those residing within it.

Specifically, the home is built out of four cylindrical volumes that are covered in timber slats to help keep it from standing out like a sore thumb in the forest. Its insides are carved out of untreated wood and other materials for a rustic appeal, along with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer the most breathtaking views of nature. Furthermore, the vertical design of the home also features a unique spiral staircase that connects all four stories in the home. There’s clearly nothing to critique here, as this humble wooden abode is probably everything that you ever wanted!


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