Take a look inside this $100 million home in the heart of silicon valley

Here’s your chance to own a luxurious piece of paradise in the Palo Alto hills as Sun Microsystems co-founder, Scott McNealy offers to sell his uber-luxe home to those interested. Like many other properties in the exotic Silicon Valley, this one too comes for a hefty sum of $100 million.

Consisting of 20 rooms, the four-story home is no less than an expansive mansion. Over its 581,526-square-foot lot, the property accommodates five bedrooms, seven baths and a large garden.

It carries a rustic charm in a contemporary avatar and is ideal for families. It comes with state-of-the-art security equipment and a plethora of other modern amenities including a pool and a sprawling game room.

There’s no dearth of entertainment at this Palo Alto residence which further houses a poker room and a fully-equipped media room with plush lounge chairs and a screen.

Those with a passion for fitness can look to its fully-furnished gym and its lavish indoor sports club. There’s also a 110-yard golfing course within its premises for those interested in the game.

Gourmands too came enjoy the space with a special grill for barbequing in its outdoor seating area, a pizza room and an in-built wine cellar.

And if all of this still wasn’t enough, the property promises you the leisure of a spa, a tennis court and an ice rink!

The house also allows you an opportunity to call friends over to a full-service guest house and tons of avenues to gaze at the greens of the Palo Alto hill. After all a $100 million home is bound to make you feel like royalty!