Playboy mansion is on sale for $200 million, but….

Yes, the Playboy Mansion is finally on sale and it’s ready for a new owner and a future full of adventurous escapades that might or might not live up to this residence’s history. According to reports, the mansion is up for sale for a price of $200 million and will be listed within the next month. The mansion is part of the 6 acre Holmby Hills estate and was built in 1927. Over the years, this residence turned into a hotspot for some of the wildest parties ever thrown in Los Angeles. However, the mansion isn’t in its prime and according to real estate experts, the estate isn’t worth more than $80 to $90 million. The only reason this spot has an inflated price tag is its illustrious past.

While this might still seem like a property worth splashing a lot of money on, there certainly is a catch. Whoever owns the Playboy Mansion in the future will need to make room for Hugh Hefner, the 89-year-old current owner of the mansion, until he breathes his last. All said and done, he’s a pretty cool roommate to have. While the mansion will come with all its past glory and the old owner, it won’t come with a single Playmate though.

[ Via : Tmz ]

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