The Smallest House in the World is a mere 188 sq/feet and is on sale for a whopping $450,000

A far cry from the 60,000-square-foot palatial estate, a single-storey apartment located in London’s Barnsbury neighborhood has gone on public listing for $450,000. The one bedroom apartment with a minuscule terrace is so tiny that it requires owner to crawl over the kitchen work surface to get to the bedroom. Spread over 188-square-foot area, the house is probably the smallest house in the world.

The tiny apartment comes complete with a small bathroom, a creative open plan living space with built in storage and mezzanine sleeping level. The bathroom intrudes on the shower that is about the same size of a wardrobe.

The realtor describes the property as ‘unique’, well we certainly agree with that. The Lilliputian house has a clever use of space and design with storage under the elevated living area, a patio out the front and a window. It is ideal for those who are looking out to rent or use it as a second lodging option.



[Via – Fastco-Design]

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