The $1.8 million master suite features a 40,000 gallon indoor pool

We have featured many million dollar homes, including the world’s most expensive homes. However, none of them prepared us for this luxurious Utah mansion. Among the many rooms in this stately and simply grand home is a master suite like no other. A suite that is so enormous, it is a home in itself. It is five rooms gutted into one! Included in the 2000 sq ft room are a $12K copper-clad bathtub, spa, fitness center, and a 40,000-gallon indoor saltwater pool! The room alone is estimated at a cool $1.8 million.

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The pool measures 25 feet long and 14 feet wide and is definitely the room’s star attraction. The entire room was done up by the home owner’s design/renovation company. A dehumidifying system circulates air throughout the house and an industrial-strength pool cover that’s sturdy enough to walk on. Now, this is what we call luxurious living.
The gigantic room will be featured on the upcoming episode of Million Dollar Rooms

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