The Priciest abode in the world- Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz’s Aspen Home on sale.

The most expensive homes in the world are, for the most part, pretty much what you would expect: opulent, private and capable of making the neighbours sick with jealousy. They are large enough to contain entire neighbourhoods. They are astoundingly expensive, lavish and gold-trimmed, modest and wood-sided, and perched on handkerchiefs of land and large private islands. For $135 million you too can own a home fit for a prince….(if you consider yourself one). The palatial Aspen compound of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz is valued at $135 million. It is the highest real estate price in U.S. history, and possibly in the world, experts said. The price tag trumps Donald Trump, who had the previous highest offering on the national market, $125 million for a beachfront home in Florida.

The 95-acre Starwood Ranch property includes a nearly 56,000-square-foot mansion, and several smaller homes and buildings. The main home is larger than the White House and includes 16 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms, stables, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor water features and a snowmelt driveway. Bandar regretfully reached his decision to sell the spread because he was spending too much time in Saudi Arabia, chairing his nation’s new national security council, to enjoy his Aspen home. Bandar is the former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States.

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