The world’s tallest residential building in Dubai dwarfs the Trump World tower

Dubai loyalist may find yet another reason to celebrate; the world’s tallest residential building has just risen from a seedy siesta on the grounds of this posh middle-east city: the grandeur is in the fact that it stands 107 storeys tall and it’s meant for living! Viewed from the highest level of perception, there is no good or bad. We think we now know why the phrase was coined. Seated at a height from where the earth is but picturesque, the judgments do go ashtray. Encompassing 6 basement floors and 100 above the ground excluding the ground floor, this went straight into the pages of a historic book named the Guinness Book and rightly so. Located at the posh and prestigious Dubai Marina development, Tameer’s Princess Tower stands a staggering 414m tall and occupies 37,410 sq ft, housing 763 luxury apartments, including one, two, three and four bedroom apartments in addition to penthouse apartments overlooking Palm Jumeirah

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Once home to the tallest towers, Dubai is now enjoying twice the fame and no, not a bit shared. So, we guess that’s what it takes to feel on top of the world? You decide.