This $110M iconic New York penthouse could shatter all records

New York’s skyrocketing real estate prices are hardly even newsworthy anymore. We’re almost immune to headlines that apartments and townhouses are priced at tens of millions of dollars every day. But even seasoned New York real estate junkies probably let out a gasp on hearing that the Woolworth Building’s penthouse is on the market for a whopping $110 million.

Alchemy Properties had purchased the top 30 floors of the skyscraper a few years ago and $68 million and began the process of converting them in 33 condos. The penthouse is a 9,710-square-foot palace located in the “crown” of the building. It has been dubbed the ‘Pinnacle’ and will offer 360 degree views of the Big Apple.

Rumor has it, much of the interior is still raw or unfinished so that the buyer can decide how the penthouse will be set up. The gothic style building is a terracotta marvel, one that probably won’t be replicated again because of how expensive the prospect is. The building will offer amenities like a health club and spa with a pool, sauna and a hot tub, a wine cellar and even a tasting room.

For the obscene asking price, all the interiors should probably be gold plated. If the developers actually manage to find a buyer willing to shell out that kind of money (I’m betting it will be a sheikh who buys this crib), the sale will shatter all previous records of property sale in the city.


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