This gorgeous $20.75 million lakefront mansion is the most expensive home in Wisconsin

If you wish to own a house in Wisconsin, here’s some real-estate inspiration for you! A grand home in the vicinity has recently hit the market for $20.75 million. It is complete with six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and is luxe enough for the commanding price!

Built in 1906 for meatpacking tycoon Edwin Swift, the 12,396-square-foot mansion is perched on 20 acres of waterfront land in Lake Geneva – about two hours northwest of Chicago. It has been conceptualized and designed by Swift in consultation with architect Howard Van Doren Shaw.

Commenting on the home, listing agent David Curry in a statement, said, “Old homes like this with an architectural pedigree, the layouts weren’t complicated. They weren’t busy like they would be today… The simplicity of it really stands out. It’s just clean. It’s simple. The rooms are all oriented to face the water.”

Called ‘Villa Hortensia,’ the property is located on the infamous Snake road where most large legacy estates are located. It features all-original décor with stately millwork, doors, windows, and detailed latticework and houses two sailing docks, a swimming pool, and a clay tennis court along with a three-bedroom guest house.

A testament to 20th-century craftsmanship, the home is touted to be the most expensive of its kind in Wisconsin. Would you fancy buying it?

[Via: Realtor]

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