America’s largest home will be larger than a 747-jet hanger in Florida

When the 90,000 square feet house at Florida dubbed the AmericanVersailles will be ready, it is all set to become the most expensive dwelling in all of America. Said to be bigger than a 747 airplane hangar this will become the largest house in the United States. The house will include nine kitchens, 30 bathrooms, two movie theatres, and even a bowling alley. The house will have a observation deck, a sushi bar, a 4000 square foot closet, two tennis courts, a full size baseball field and a health spa. In fact let a film crew make a movie about how the house was built.

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The mahogany doors and windows which protect the house bear a price tag of $4 million. Owned by Billionaire David Siegel, 77, and Jackie Siegel, 46 however had planned just a 60,000 square feet dwelling for their family of eight kids and five dogs. The place needs Segways to reach from one place to another!
Their current house is a 26,000 square feet mansion with 19 bathrooms and as many bedrooms and a two-storeyed closet, with a built-in stripper pole! However, this is just a makeshift place till the news home is ready to move in. While Mr Siegel thinks his wife is a shopaholic, he personally doesn’t believe in wasting money. I wonder how she talked him into splurging into this baby then!
While Siegels doesn’t think it’s big, and though he doesn’t want it bigger he quips, “I don’t. I want to make it done.”

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