Tokyo’s Inner Central reigns as the Most Expensive Office Location in the World

Last month we reported about London being the most expensive city of Europe, courtesy a poll conducted for travelers. But let’s steer off holiday talks and move on to some serious business and take a look at the list of most expensive office location in the World. And the winner is Tokyo’s Inner Central District which leads the London’s West End to become the most expensive office location in the World. Covering 173 cities and tracking office occupancy costs, the survey was conducted by CB Richard Ellis office. According to the semi-annual Global Office Occupancy Costs survey, London’s West End is followed by Moscow, Hong Kong’s Central Business District or CBD, and Tokyo’s Outer Central District. And if you are interested in knowing exact figures, then understand that the total occupation cost in Tokyo is THB 5,581 per square meter per month. Apparently the change in the positions is dues to the occupancy costs that fell by 2.8% over the last 12 months.

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Singapore had the largest year-on-year decrease with office occupancy costs falling 34% in the 12 months. And if you intend to know which location is occupying one of the last places on the list then Bangkok ranks at 148th out of 173 cities surveyed. Surprising back in 2007, it was noted that Tokyo was out from the list of the World’s 10 Most Expensive City. But again that survey just covered the cost of food, basic items including drink and tobacco, and other costs such as clothing and electrical goods.

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