Two swimming pools, one above the other are the focal point of this house in Portugal

The Wall House, designed by Guedes Cruz Architects and located in Portugal is equipped with a swimming pool unlike any other you might have seen before. The home itself is an ultra-modern concrete, wood and glass structure and is pretty magnificent in its own right, but it’s the unorthodox swimming pool that’s stealing all the thunder.

In fact, it’s not one pool that we’re talking about, but two situated one on top of another in a formation that seems like it belongs in a Hollywood McMansion.

The pools are both rectangular and appear (from the top) to be perpendicular to one another.

But most notably, one of the pools is built atop a concrete support structure and hovers above the other.

If you were in the pool below, you would certainly see anyone enjoying a dip in the pool above.

Meanwhile the top pool has its own glass bottom making the pool and deck beneath it visible to swimmers above.

The pool setup itself is dramatic, but it is surrounded by an enviable deck and lounge area.

The Wall House is located in Cascais, a coastal town 40 minutes away from the capital Lisbon.