Vancouver Olympic Athletes Village to be developed into luxurious condos

Wondering what will happen of the amazing Olympic Athletes Village at the end of the Vancouver Games? Well, the city has made plans to convert the village into luxurious residences for sale to the public. The 11000 residential spaces currently occupied by athletes will be divided into 730 condos, 120 rental apartments and 250 affordable rental apartments. The size of the units will vary from 500 sq ft to 3000 sq ft. The community centre which is currently being used as a restaurant and office space for Olympic athletes will be converted into a full-size gym, with an arts and crafts room and a fitness studio besides other amenities.

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The community centre will also offer 6000 feet of commercial space. The development will also house an elementary school and 3-5 licensed childcare facilities. A community garden space, playgrounds and 10 hectares of park land are also under consideration. By 2020, Vancouver hopes to house more than 13,000 people in the newly developed Southeast False Creek area.
But if you have hopes of acquiring the condo in which your favorite athlete stayed, you are sure to be disappointed as authorities are not revealing any information stating which athletes stayed where.

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