Yours for $5 million – This one of a kind 4-bedroom home inside a converted water tower sits 87 feet in the air and offers some stunning 360 degree views of the Southern California coast

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If you aren’t scared of heights and would like to live on top of the world (quite literally!), here’s your chance to do so! A one of a kind home that is located inside a converted water tower hoisted 87 feet in the air has recently hit the market for $5million.

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Complete with four-bedroom and four-bathroom, the house boasts a unique construction atop a wooden structure originally built in the 1800s. It is situated at the corner of a residential area facing the busy Pacific Coast Highway – only 50 yards away from the coast.

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Needless to say, the luxe property offers panoramic views of the Pacific and comes with a fleet of amenities – including a hot tub, a wraparound deck to watch the sunrise, and a plaque noting its impressive history.

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The ground floor holds two garages with a storage room and aboveground space, while the second floor features an elevator, an expansive deck with a Jacuzzi, and a seating area. The remaining floors come with the kitchen, a pirate-themed bedroom, a wraparound deck, and the master bedroom.

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The property features a ‘retro-style ambiance’ with a stained-glass copula in the rotunda living room and modern amenities such as HD televisions with Direct TV, fine linens, updated bathrooms, and a fully stocked kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and cookware.

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It is currently listed for sale on Zillow for $$4,950,000. Fancy buying it?

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