Why not? Agent creates an outrageous video with semi-naked models to sell a $100M mansion

There are several tried and tested marketing gimmicks in the real estate sector but none have come so close to sexy as this new ad commercial for the launch of the OPUS – a $ 100 million retreat, exclusively designed by film producer Nile Niami. While the uber- expensive Beverly Hills home may mange to pull some attention towards its actual specs, it’s the raunchy ad that’s making all the headlines, and here’s why.

The three-minute video opens with a lingerie-clad woman servicing herself with the help of an Oculus Rift, in a Cleopatra like demeanor. The plot then progresses sensually with her making way through the home and all its amenities only to be greeted by a string of semi naked golden ladies. Drool worthy as truly portrayed, the 20,500 square feet mansion features two pools, 11 bathtubs and seven bedrooms along with an unbelievable 170-bottle-strong champagne vault and a 10-vehicle parking space, pre-parked with a gold Lamborghini Aventador and a Rolls-Royce Dawn!

Per Niami, as the night falls, the Opus assumes a very alluring and sexy vibe, as perfectly captured in the video, that also provides ‘a sneak peek into a life where the boundaries are limitless,’. While the team initially published a red- and blue-band versions of the video, a full red-banded video is also available for those with an undeniable desire for bottles of Cristal and few inhibitions bathed in gold! As for the sales, whether the ad campaign takes away from the Opus or adds to its glamour, is something only time could tell!


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