Why pay big bucks for renting a mansion in Miami or the Hamptons when you can stay free for a weekend just by doing its yard work.

What would it take for you to live like a queen/king in a luxurious mansion? A million dollars? Nah! All you need is the willingness to mow lawns by simply using a few pieces of equipment. Don’t believe us? Check out lawn care brand Toro’s offering below.

The marquee is now extending an opportunity that will allow you to spend an entire weekend in a luxurious Hamptons house for free, only if you agree to tend to the lawn using the equipment provided by Toro. Yes, that’s right!

You can enjoy access to Pools, Jacuzzis, outdoor kitchens, gorgeous lawns, and more at the gorgeous home. The initiative is part of Toro’s mowbnb, a limited-time property booking platform that has just been launched by the company.

In addition to the Hamptons home, the platform also lists houses in Austin, Miami, San Francisco, and Charlotte. While the lawn work is a mandate, each property includes Toro’s new robotic mower, which will cut the grass without needing guests to do much.

Commenting on it, Vice President, Residential & Landscape Contractor Business and Center for Technology, Research and Innovation at Toro Greg Janey said, “At Toro, we continually innovate to create lawn care tools that increase productivity and give consumers time back on their weekends. We’re excited to show our mowbnb guests how easy and seamless our tools are so that they can spend their mowbnb vacation on what’s most important: making unforgettable memories with their loved ones.”

Fancy Toro’s new proposal?

[Book at MowBnB Via: Time Out]

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