World’s most expensive home sold for $305 million in Monaco

Every time the experts announce a slump in the real estate market, there is a record breaking sale which appears to make a mockery at these expert estimates. So just when we started to believe the experts about the current trend of homes fetching prices far below their estimated amounts, we came across this record-breaking sale. Monaco has become the world’s most expensive home after it sold for a cool $305 million! What is more, the home is no sprawling mansion overlooking a lush garden but a two-story apartment! The opulent penthouse comprises 30 lavish rooms, including a spa, a movie theater, and fully-grown trees on its terraces. The home was sold by its previous owners, Christian and Nick Candy, who purchased it in 2008 to an unnamed Middle Eastern buyer.

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Standing as not just a mockery and an exception to the current slump, this sale once again brings to light the exorbitant prices that many luxury homes command.

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