Wycombe Square is most expensive place to live in England and Wales

If you wish to live in the most lavish and expensive location, then Wycombe Square is your destination. According to a survey conducted by the Halifax, houses in Wycombe Square, West London, are valued at an average of £5.4million ($8.7million) each, making the location the most expensive place to live in England and Wales. A destination for the luxury lovers, Wycombe Square is popular with bankers and foreign investors. A gated development in Kensington, this Square consists of 19 townhouses and 48 apartments. One of the houses was recently on the market for £10million ($16.1million), while the apartments boast of a price tag of around £1.5million ($2.4million) each. The entire development is protected by 24-hour security men who are known to dress in Armani suits and surveillance cameras that are hidden in the Georgian-style street lamps. Besides Wycombe Square the survey has brought to light other expensive areas in England.

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The average home in Withinlee Road in Prestbury, Cheshire, costs £1.2million ($1.9million). Another street that brims with extravagant homes is the rural road (the most expensive street outside southern England), locally known as Footballers’ Alley.
With prices so high, it is hard to believe that there is a slump in the real estate market.

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