Yours for $100 million – A 13,000 square feet mansion in California with a 3,600 acre estate

If the countryside is alluring to your eye, you now have a chance to buy a sprawling and mega-luxurious 3,600-acre estate known as Black Mountain Ranch in Ojai, provided you have $100 million to spare. Yes, that’s right!

Known to be Ventura County’s largest and priciest property currently on the market, the property is owned by businessman Richard Gilleland, who formed it by combining 63 parcels. It consists of rolling hills, grassy pastures, and 12 separate structures, including a main house that spans more than 13,000 square feet.

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Built in 2004, the ranch also includes rustic rooms that take in views of the surrounding mountains, a 2,000-square-foot caretaker cottage with a porch, and a 1,800-square-foot guesthouse. It further features a gym, office, and wine cellar with the 6,200-square-foot carriage house.

From the storage perspective, the ranch houses a hay barn, horse barn, equipment barn, equipment garage, and shed over more than 20,000 square feet of space along with an auto gallery that alone covers 7,200 square feet. And in catering to adventure lovers, the ranch also offers 35 miles of private trails, a fishing lake, and a shooting range.

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Well, this is what ranch dreams are made of!

[Via: Barron’s]