I experienced AI-infused gastronomy at one of Dubai’s most expensive restaurants.

Picture, if you will, a setting that weaves sumptuous fare intricately with enthralling performances and spellbinding light exhibitions. Emerging as an avant-garde force, this visionary endeavour fearlessly redefines the aesthetics of upscale dining by forging an exceptional alliance with the venerable White Rabbit Family. Steering the ship are a seasoned production team adorned with tech trailblazers, culinary virtuosos, and visual designers, skilfully navigating uncharted territories of creativity. This extraordinary backdrop not only elevates the delightful flavours of every dish, but also showcases the exceptional artistry infused within meticulously curated cutlery and distinctive plates, ultimately culminating in an immersive, indelible dining experience. My sojourn to Krasota proved nothing short of a captivating odyssey through a gastronomical wonderland.

The expansive circular table, is gracefully set for 20 diners and is a sight to behold.

As we venture into the domain of this ‘gastronomical theatre,’ a sprawling circular table, exquisitely prepared for 20 esteemed diners, greets us warmly. The entire space transformed into a marvel through a stupefying 3D multi-media spectacle: vibrant art dancing across walls and tables, enveloping us in a world of visual splendour further enhanced by mesmerizing lights and captivating sound effects.

An enchanting tale unfolds with the new show ‘Imaginary Future’ as it immerses diners in an interactive and magical culinary journey.

Imaginary Future

Be ready to be enchanted as you cross the brink into the amazing realm of Krasota, where the artistry of cuisine intertwines amicably with the narrative prowess of storytelling. Undeniably stealing the spotlight was the cutting-edge spectacle meticulously curated under the watchful eye of the esteemed maestro, Chef Vladmir Mukhin.

Michelin Star Chef Vladmir Mukhin is the instrumental force behind the Krasota theatre

In his culinary hands, a symphony of flavours seamlessly unfolded, guiding me on an unparalleled gastronomic odyssey. In perfect synchrony with the unfolding acts of the show, a meticulously crafted seven-course feast unfurls. Krasota achieves an exquisite fusion of haute dining and visual grandeur, expertly intertwining the realms of fine cuisine and captivating theatre. The show’s enchanting narrative whisks us away on a captivating exploration into the future of gastronomy, delving into themes that ignite our collective imagination. Each act transports us to a faintly glimpsed tomorrow, painting a vivid tableau of the possibilities awaiting mankind. We find ourselves whisked away to an era where the fusion of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence propel us toward uncharted realms, where interstellar exploration and civilization intertwines effortlessly.

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Embracing the surreal, a cyberpunk-ruled society where time stands still amidst neon-lit night celebrations.

Each act shines a revelatory light on a distinct aspect of this visionary tapestry: from intriguing new rituals surrounding food to boundary-pushing techniques of plant production that defy convention. The concept of manipulating time and the surreal domain of a cyberpunk-governed society, where luminous nights of revelry know no bounds, untether our minds, evoking a palpable sense of awe.

Miso Soup, Space Protein with Caviar, Space protein with Albine caviar.

And who can overlook the breath-taking ascent of technology into the unexplored depths of our oceans? Chef Mukhin’s unparalleled talent lies in his masterful fusion of time-honoured traditions with contemporary culinary techniques, crafting experiences that elegantly intertwine heritage with innovation. Mukhin’s extraordinary odyssey has secured his well-deserved position among the pantheon of culinary visionaries, imprinting an indelible mark upon the fertile terrain of global gastronomy. Whether orchestrating the harmonies of culinary brilliance at the helms of acclaimed establishments or captivating audiences with his gastronomic tales on screen, Mukhin perpetually ignites inspiration and delights palates in a symphony that cements his status as a true maestro of the epicurean arts.

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The Vegetable Meat Tacos are a testament to sheer brilliance

In a nutshell

The flawlessly executed approach to captivating the audience’s imagination was a testament to sheer brilliance. The mesmerizing amalgamation of AI-driven gastronomic theatre blurred the demarcation between reality and whimsical fantasy, enticing guests to actively engage with the performance in real-time. A surreal cascade awaited us, where the confines of possibility gracefully shattered into myriad fragments of wonder. Amidst the resplendence of visual marvels and captivating performances, we, the fortunate spectators, found ourselves elevated to the status of protagonists within this grand narrative, weaving an ethereal tapestry of personal connection and enchantment. Chef Vladmir Mukhin, a virtuoso of the culinary realm, unveiled his unparalleled mastery in full resplendence.

The Matcha Tea Ice cream with white chocolate cream, vanilla twill, persimmon, feijoa, aloe and lime juice mochi and marigolds is a winner in both taste and presentation

Each course that graced our palates, a veritable masterpiece in its own right, resonated with a profound symbiosis to the overarching themes and motifs of the show. A melange of avant-garde flavour amalgamations and ingenious plating techniques unfolded before our eyes, as Vladmir Mukhin’s culinary creations caressed the senses and held us in rapture.

Vegetable meat taco, Tostada with wolfia and the clarified organic Coco Cola stole the show

His prowess not only delighted the palate with its audacious compositions but also enthralled the discerning eye, leaving us in awe of his exponential gastronomic genius.

Fast facts

Where? Address Downtown Hotel, Downtown Dubai,
Available daily at 5:30pm and 9pm.
Wallet: Prices from $500 per person.
Website: https://krasota.art

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