Review: We take an online wellness experience with the renowned Chiva Som health resort, Thailand

Heightened anxiety and compromised wellbeing have become commonplace with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. However, helping us counter these evils with a structured online wellness program is Chiva Som, a holistic health and wellness resort in Thailand. With a prime focus on wellbeing, fitness, physiotherapy, nutrition, and aesthetic beauty – Chiva Som’s online wellness experience enables connoisseurs to maintain balance and ensure healthy living amid lockdown.

Available via online video call, the session entails an in-depth interaction with a Chiva Som wellness advisor. After a live health & wellness consultation (30-45 mins) – which basically includes a pleasant exchange of health tips along with an overall wellness check, the patron is suggested a one-on-one consultation with a Naturopath, or a physiotherapy or exercise session with a practitioner to progress with.

At the end of the consultation, the participant is enriched with handy health hacks and personalized feedback regarding lifestyle and nutrition. Depending on one’s requirement and inclinations, the follow up (of 45-50 mins) can include a yoga or meditation session or a one-to-one exercise and training regime focused on Metabolic breathing, Neurodynamic or functional training. Similarly, the session can also culminate in a comprehensive naturopathic or natural fertility consultation depending on one’s choice.

While the initial meeting aims at understanding the overall health score and problem areas of the participant, the follow-up sessions cater to peculiar and immediate health concerns and are designed to build optimum wellbeing amongst patrons in an organized pattern over months.

In addition to the above, Chiva-Som has also released an interesting collection of on-demand, inspirational wellness content (including healthy cuisine recipes and holistic wellbeing advice, to virtual exercise programmers and self-training tutorials) and hands-on tools across the resort’s digital channels to help patrons adapt to a new way of life amid lockdown.

Chiva Som’s Online Wellness Program is overseen by a team of wellness advisors, practitioners, and experts. Those interested to know further details can get in touch with Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness Reception team online via email or phone. Wellness in the times of COVID-19 can’t get better than this!

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