$1.3million Pagani C9 prototype crashes during test run in Stuttgart

It’s not new to see million dollar wheels meeting early end courtesy callous drivers. But when test drivers are in control of these million-dollar creations, you rarely expect things to fall apart. Or at least that’s what automakers hope when they are testing out their expensive prototypes. Alas, one automaker’s hopes turned into a nightmare when a prototype supercar on its test run met a tragic end. The aforementioned prototype car, was the famous $1.3million Pagani C9! The test driver apparently lost control of the speedster and crashed the beauty into a wall leading to millions of dollars worth of scrap lying on the Stuttgart motorway. The twin-turbocharged car was destroyed, much to the dismay of the automaker. The driver, however, escaped with slight injuries.

Although most of us can never even dream of affording this beauty, it is still heartbreaking to see a beauty meet such a tragic end.

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