16 feet boat boasts of an eight-foot long hot tub!

Taking luxury on the waters to a new level, a Seattle-based company has unveiled a 16 feet boat fitted with an eight-foot long hot tub on its deck. The boat weighs 2,100 pounds when the hot tub is filled with 104 degree Fahrenheit water through a diesel-powered boiler while still managing to float about 20 inches above the waterline. It boasts of a top speed of about five miles per hour, managed by a steerable electric motor controlled by a small joystick. That’s not all…making it the ultimate leisurely way to hang out with your friends is the 50-watt waterproof sound system that can connect to your mp3 player and four separate coolers to store your drinks in.

This unique boat has been created by an American company that specializes in customized house boats. For $42,000, this boat can be yours: seems like a small price to pay for the good life it promises to bring with itself!

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[Available at Hammacher via Gizmodo]