1914 Rolls-Royce owned by last Tsar of Russia is up for $7 million

If you like to own everything Royal or are just into vintage cars, then you must definitely invest in 1914 Rolls-Royce that was reportedly the favored ride of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. The 1914 purple Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is up for sale in Germany via global online luxury marketplace JamesList for a cool $7 million. The custom-made car features nickel-plated fittings, a speaking tube for communicating with Barker’s chauffeur, and coachwork. The car was reportedly made just 10 years after Henry Royce built his first car. In the 1920’s it found its way in the car collection of circus impresario John Ringling of Ringling Bros, after which it was displayed for quite some time in a classic car museum next to Adolph Hitler’s Mercedes. Later on, it was acquired by a German collector who kept it in an underground bunker from which it was recently unearthed.

Now this nearly century-old car awaits a new owner who can preserve its rich history and display it with the pride it deserves. If you think this is just the car you have been looking for, click here to purchase it right away.

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