1927 Baby Bugatti Pedal Car only in France

Turning back the clock and going to an era when pedal cars were considered a luxury, Bugatti had only made about 500 of the Baby Bugatti, Type 52, between 1927 and 1930. Although this one is not one of the originals, the Authentic Model’s reproduction is made to the exact scale of the original based on a real Baby Bugatti purchased at auction. But again it is is not licensed by Bugatti and this Baby’s battery-powered electric engine and wiring still have to be obtained by the prospective buyer. Nevertheless, you can look for all other frills like the handmade aluminum coachwork and frame, cast aluminum wheels, leather seat and bonnet straps, chrome-finished bronze radiator, and much more.

Dunno about the number plate but it does carries a price plate of 6350 euros ($9,282).

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