1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible struts off with a $5 million tag

Ushering in 2008, I’m sure we’ll have more news of stuff worth millions and billions. The first article to carry a million-dollar tag for 2008 on Luxurylaunches is the Ford Mustang Convertible that was sold for $5,500,000 to be precise. It is whispered to be the first-ever Mustang Convertible to roll off the production line and also the first-ever Mustang sold for that price tag. The car carries a build date of March 9, 1964 – the first day that the fabled pony car rolled down the Rouge assembly line. Furthermore, the car was delivered on the evening of April 16, 1964 – the night before Mustang sales were supposed to begin across the country. Documentation is included that verifies the vehicle’s status.

And if all that money at one shot seems to be a bit difficult on your finances then it can also be added to your collection for $42,064.26, but that is only a monthly payment with $1,000,000 down. That too seems steep for my pockets!