$1million Batmobile replica is equipped with hi-tech gadgets

My first reaction on looking at this picture was –Oh My God! Being a Batman fan, this Batmobile replica has not only left me awestruck but extremely jealous of the owner as well. This Batmobile is creating a Swede who spent three and a half years (20,000 hours) building it. The industrious and extremely wealthy guy (it has cost over $1million to construct this car) has built this replica on a 1973 Lincoln Continental chassis. What is more, the wealthy guy has even added a hi-tech touch to this car. The sleek Batmobile replica boasts of machine guns, video cameras to see behind you, height-adjustable bodywork, and a plasma TV as well! The super hot and sexy car is sure to be the envy of all Batman fans. Just the sight of the 700 hp replica car zooming past you is sure to make you go weak in the knees.

The mean $1million machine is just too good. If you are a Batman fan and have $1million along with some talent, you too can try to build your own Batmobile.

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