2000XR Motorboard-Electric scooter with attitude!

Bicycles are undoubtedly uncomfortable at times, especially when you don’t feel like lifting a leg. To replace them are the 2000XR Motorboard, which just got better by losing 4 pounds from the 2000X Motorboard. Your most powerful Personal transportation device on the market, the 2000XR uses a cutting edge nano-technology battery from A123 Systems, which is perfectly matched to the Motorboard, giving it amazing high-climbing ability and range. The most incredible aspect of this Motorboard is that it can be easily folded up and weighs only 16.5lbs, which makes it really easy to carry on the subway, bus, train and into office. The serious transportation device has a top speed of 15mph and the Motorboard can be fully charged in under 120 minutes. But before riding this cool Motorboard, make sure the roads are smooth enough!

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2000XR Motorboard is retailed for $800.