2008 Lexus LX570 is the first car that can see around corners

The 2008 Lexus LX570 is here not only for being one of the best luxurious cars but also for being the first car that can see around corners. It comes fitted with a “front wide-view and side video monitoring system” that allows you to park or pull your car out of the tightest position with any assistance. The system provides a 180-degree, side-to-side view from the front of the vehicle as if you’re standing on the front bumper. The side-mounted cam also allows you to see below your passenger. Lexus has taken a lead on this feature which is believed to be the next most-wanted feature in every high-end car.

2008 Lexus LX570: The First Vehicle That Can See Around Corners- – video powered by Metacafe

As it is generally held, women are going to smile at this option as they are believed to be pretty uncomfortable with the parking aspect of driving a car.