2008 Obsidian SG-One Ford Mustang for 1.3 million dollars

Without much exaggeration let me bring your attention directly to the 2008 Obsidian SG-One Mustang. Classic styling meticulously blended with sophisticated technology is exactly how anyone can describe this Mustang. To enhance its value, only one of them will be produced. It is powered by a twin-supercharged and intercooler EFI engine with more horsepower than any factory Shelby Mustang. It offers an 800 plus horsepower on pump gas and over 1,000 HP is also possible. A fully integrated tube chassis with roll bar easily handles the power while a NASCAR style belly pan provides high-speed aerodynamics. Formula One-style paddle-shifters enable lightning-fast and consistent gear changes. Enormous Brembo four wheel disc brakes with hydro-boost provide fade-free stopping power in a hurry.

A performance rack and pinion steering system gives the utmost in road feel and goes precisely where you point it. Custom 18 front and 20 rear aluminum wheels and BF Goodrich KDW tires provide a nose down appearance with superior dry and wet weather traction and razor sharp handling and braking. Seriously a mustang like this one has never existed!