2011 Audi A8 now comes with a 3D model to guide you on your way!

Well, a car equipped with a GPS system is God’s gift to men who don’t ask for directions, even when they are lost! So, now for those wanderers, here’s car-splurging with a cause. The 2011 Audi A8 yet again proves why not just eye-candy but is also value for money. The sedan comes with an 8-inch LCD screen that shows you land marks in 3D, thanks to a collaboration with the Google Earth and terrain-mapping functionality. The new system will use a UMTS modem for transferring data to the navigation system for downloading the maps. The data is then used to make an online search through a multimedia interface through which a user can search for “Cabinet maker” which displays the results.

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The mounted computer then matches the street data with the Google Earth 3D terrain model and provides route guidance through the map. Talk about life-like real-time support!