2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 makes a flying debut in Munich

And now Bentley can proudly stake claim not just on the roads, but also as a piece of the sky! The 2013 version of the stunning car comes with a twelve-cylinder engine that is 55 pounds lighter which gives the vehicle 40-percent better fuel economy. The car can go from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds. To show off its power, Bentley flew its new Continental GT V8 over Munich through a special SkyLounge which was placed in a glazed bridge between two skyscrapers.

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The exclusive launch party happened in BMW’s hometown. Klaus Becker, GM for Bentley Munich said, “A dramatic car got the debut we felt it deserved and we took a little bit of our inspiration from Bentley’s iconic ‘Winged B’ emblem. On a practical level the helicopter was the fastest way to get to the rooftop podium.”

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