A 23 year old paid a whopping $2.64M for car license plate in Abu Dhabi

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and business people to pay top dollar to grab the license plate of their choice, which brings exclusivity to their rides and make them stand out from the rest. But when a special registration plate is sold for $2.64 million, it ought to grab headlines across the world. As a part of the celebrations commemorating 60 years of the Abu Dhabi Police Force, sixty vanity license plates were put under the hammer on last Saturday evening in the oil-rich Gulf state. The highest sale of the evening went to the single number 2 plate which was auctioned for a whopping Dh10.1m (approximately $2.64 million).

The number 2 plate was acquired by local businessman Ahmed Al Marzuoqi who is just 23 years old. Marzuoqi told reporters he was “very excited and proud” to have bought the license plate, saying that it signified the 2 December date that six of the seven emirates that make up the UAE banded together. The second most expensive license plate auctioned was the double-digit number ‘11’ which raked in Dh6.4m (which converts to about $1.7 million in US money). According to reports, over Dh55m (about $83 million) was raised in the auction. In June 2016, the plate number 1 sold for a record Dh18m (close to $5 million) to Emirati businessman Arif Ahmed al-Zarouni.

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[Via – IBTimes]

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