$3.8 million Rolls-Royce to debut in China

We have always maintained that Rolls Royce is synonymous with Luxury for auto aficionados. Take a look at this hottest of the Rolls Royce that is yet to be unveiled…….at Guangzhou’s luxury goods exhibition in December 2006. The exclusive Rolls-Royce edition is a stretched version of the Phantom. It is also designed to be bulletproof with a stretched out backseat space for rear passengers in addition to Rolls-Royce lavish comfort and driving experience.

The show will also showcase the latest luxury models from Porsche and Ferrari too. This inimitable elite edition of Rolls Royce will go for sale for an opulent price tag of $3.8 million. People don’t just buy a Rolls-Royce: they commission it, like a piece of fine art or a superyacht. Every Rolls-Royce is hand-built and hand-finished to exceptional standards by the best technicians and craftspeople in the motor industry. It’s this approach that makes every Rolls-Royce so very special. Luxury vehicles place more emphasis on comfort, appearance, and amenities than on performance, economy, or utility. Furthermore, they usually offer more modern technology, higher quality materials, and are often built in smaller numbers than more affordable mass-market vehicles.

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