4 Things To Know Before Having Your Electric Land Rover Defender Customized

The new Land Rover Defender is already a great 4×4 vehicle on its own, not to mention the fact that the new model has been reinvented and is now available as a plug-in hybrid, making it the most powerful and fuel-efficient Defender ever made.

But, did you know that you can turn the original Defender design and transform it into a luxury vehicle? Everyone knows that the Defender is designed for off-road purposes, but you can also transform its look, styling, and features to make it look like a luxury vehicle.

However, there are some things you need to consider before you have your electric Defender customized, which this article will be discussing below.

1. Customizing Your Defender May Void Its Warranty
All vehicles come with a warranty when you purchase them. The same goes for the Land Rover Defender. The warranty will cover all the repair costs, or, in some cases, will replace your Defender with a new one should it come with mechanical issues upon purchasing it.

However, if you go ahead and customize or modify your Defender without checking whether the warranty permits customizations or modifications, your warranty may be voided. This means that the manufacturer will no longer be liable for any mechanical issue that may arise after you got your Defender customized or modified.

2. You Can Accessorize Your Defender However You Want
Transforming a standard Defender to look like a luxury vehicle will certainly not going to be cheap. Land Rover trucks are already expensive upon purchase, and not everyone can certainly afford them, nor have them customized after purchasing.

But, if you have the budget for it, you can accessorize your Defender however you want it. For those people who just love trucks, transforming an original Defender and make it look luxurious can be a really fun experience.

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By customizing your Defender, you can just add or install anything you want on your truck, as you can see on this video. You can replace its tire with bigger ones, choose a new finish for your truck, adjust its suspension, or pick a body kit that’ll drastically change the look and styling of its fenders.

3. Customizing Your Defender Is Not A DIY Job
Although it’s possible to customize your Defender on your own, thanks to the guides that you can get from the active online community, it’s still recommended that you let a professional handle the customization of your vehicle.

Why? Because a professional can customize your Defender in a more precise way than you could ever do. There are also some professionals who specialize in customizing Defenders and make it as a special edition one-off truck. They can also supply you with parts and accessories that you need for your Defender to transform into a luxury vehicle, such as steering wheel cover, dashboard, and high-quality seat covers. If a part or accessory is unavailable, they may suggest to you an aftermarket alternative, which is often better than its standard counterparts.

Just don’t forget to explain to the professional who’ll be customizing your Defender on how you want it to look like before they begin working on it.

4. You Can Also Make Performance Modifications
Most truck owners don’t realize that customization is more than just changing the style and look of their vehicles. The truth is that modifications can also be made to boost the performance of your truck. You already know that the Land Rover Defender already boasts plenty of horsepower for an off-road truck, but you can still enhance its performance by doing some modifications to it.

As mentioned above, modifying your Defender may void its warranty. So, it’s important that you let a professional handle the modifications to ensure that the desired performance boosts you want will be met without compromising your safety when you drive your truck.

Having a fast truck that can go anywhere is fun, but, still, safety is your priority.

Final Thoughts
There are plenty of things to consider before you have your Defender customized. You don’t need to completely focus on changing its looks. You can also focus on improving its performance and safety when on the road. Thanks to the many aftermarket solutions available now, there are plenty of options to choose from on how you want your Defender to be customized. whether you’re a long-time owner who wants to amp up your experience, or just purchased a Defender recently and want to make your car dreams come true. Also, customizing your Defender can become a very interesting hobby for you.

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