All’s not well with Bugatti as stockpile of Veyrons worth $85 million sitting unsold

Back in 2005, Bugatti Veyron heralded a new era of motoring by blasting the record of the fastest production car in the world set by McLaren F1 which was intact for more than 12 years. The hypercar, which is nothing short of an engineering marvel, shot to fame overnight becoming one of the most desirable automobile in the world. After eight years of existence, countless motoring awards, several records and unending torrent of special edition Veyrons, it seems the Volkswagen AG has encountered a peculiar problem. In December last year, Bugatti confirmed it has sold the 400th Veyron, which meant that there were only 50 left to be sold. But as per Bloomberg, there are 40 Bugatti Veyrons still waiting to find owners and the automaker is sitting on an unsold stock pile worth 62.5 million Euros ($85 million).

To deal with the problem, Bugatti has decided to bring the world’s fastest car to the potential customers through ‘Dynamic Drive Experience’ which is offering four regional events around the United States where customers can test-drives of the 1,200-horsepower Vitesse convertible, both on open roads and a closed airport runway. “The Dynamic Drive Experience is attracting individuals who haven’t been exposed to our brand before, other than possibly reading about it,” said John Hill, sales director for the Americas. “We bring the car to a location near them.” That’s a sad, sad to bid farewell to one of the most iconic car in the automotive history, and hopefully the 40 unsold Veyrons will find homes soon.

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