5 Cars Worth Spending Your Money On

Probably one of the most astute lines from a movie, that could be vastly generalized, was Val Kilmer’s explanation of why women were fascinated by the Batman. In the simplest of statements the epic line – It’s the car right? Chicks love the car. – seems quite fitting for what most men think about when purchasing a vehicle, other than the more obvious conditions like mileage, fuel consumption, the environment et al, of course. If you had to spend good money on a car today the choices are enough to boggle the mind, so we thought we’d put together a little list that gives you some of the best possible choices for vehicles we know we’d love to be seen driving. Take a look and see if they meet your fancy as well;

Futuristic – BMW i8 – $151,353
Looking like it’s worth every penny of its extravagant price tag, the super slick looking i8 is sporty, edgy and everything that BMW stands for. Of course it’s most noted feature is the fact that it’s a petrol-electric plug-in hybrid which, aside from its drool-worthy looks makes it that much more enticing. The upward sliding doors defy convention and the spacious interiors (two-plus-two seating) and cockpit-like dashboard and other system with its array of buttons, screens and dials exemplify modern style in perfect unison with technologically advanced hardware. Built using aluminum and magnesium to keep it light, the i8 is also extremely silent, as one would expect an electric car to be. All of this bundled with BMW’s three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty makes it a hard bargain to pass up.

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Sedan – Mercedes-Maybach S600 – $166,900
Embodying all that is Mercedes, the S600 is an exquisite machine that looks as stunning on the outside as it does on the inside. Built for comfort and a luxuriously smooth ride, the S600 is just that touch of class that will set you apart from the ‘regular’ rich crowd. The V-12 engine powering this beautiful beast has also been tweaked to provide better fuel consumption. It easily glides to its electronically limited top speed of 155 mph and does 0-60 mph in 4.36 seconds. The S600 will also be available with the optional heads-up display designed to project speed, navigation info, and warnings directly on to the windscreen. It would also include an upgraded collision-prevention system that has been re-designed to work at speeds of up to 124 mph. If you’re looking for uber stylish class and refinement in vehicular transport, this should be high on your list.

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Convertible – Jaguar F Type convertible – $69,000 to $92,000
The F Type Jaguar is the perfect example of a sleek, sporty and speedy persona as far as vehicles are concerned. The streamlined body and roaring supercharged V6 engine taps quickly and seamlessly into the eight-speed Quickshift gearbox’s transitions to maximize efficiency and speed. The gorgeous and uber comfortable looking interiors are in-sync with the F Type’s command center all of which are designed to be driver-focused combining intuitive technologies and functional ergonomics with a unique sporting style. This two-seater sports convertible is just what you need for those fast paced weekend getaways zipping down mountain roads and open highways with the wind blowing in your hair.

Performance – Nissan GT-R – $101,770 to $149,990
Nissan’s GT-R has undergone plenty of relevant upgrades in the last seven years of its legacy and each one has brought more power and better handling, among other tweaks, to the table. The latest edition ranges from the Premium to the Black Edition, and settling at the top of the heap is the NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) Limited Edition. As supercars go, the GT-R is at high up on the list and has been ‘firing on all cylinders’ to bring out the best in this mean looking machine. From the sports-car styled interiors to the heavy but well balanced body the supercharged engine GT-R has always been a fan favorite for those looking for a high performance machine and with an insatiable need for speed.

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SUV – Range Rover – $89,995 to $137,995
The grand daddy of off-roading is the beloved Range Rover. Designed since day one to master terrains that most smaller vehicles couldn’t, the Range Rover has come a long way and still manages to give owners a really good ride for their money, irrespective of the ground under their wheels. The fact that this classy looking car can do all of that and still manage to look so good is a tribute to its engineering. The luxurious interiors decked out in plush settings and coupled with the very latest in vehicular technology ensure that you get the best possible value for your cash. This is truly one of the few SUVs that you can take with you through the rugged wilderness just to get to the theatre on the other side. It’s the perfect blend of rugged handling and elegant looks.

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