80 women and their exotic machines – Dubai’s first ever all-female supercar club is a class apart

For those who say women can’t drive, these images will make them eat their words. They can drive, cars, supercars, luxury cars, as efficiently as driving people mad.

There is a bunch of women who is tired of “sitting pretty on passengers or cheerleading from the pits” but instead wants to burn tire and sit pretty behind the wheels. Meet the Arabian Gazelles – the women power who is taking social media by storm through their very-popular Instagram page.

Around 80 women from 17 nations is part of Dubai’s all-female supercar club. These women believe that supercars are not just meant for men to show off. Not being a sexist or anything, but hot women behind hot wheels is an enterprising way to pass a social message and in brand building. Luxury car brands are falling at the feet of these damsels, who have already made it to the pages in Harper Bazaar Arabia.

Hanan Mazouzi Sobati is founded the supercar club, an idea she struck during an event she attended at the “99%-male” car club. She then held the first event with a neighbor on the track and the rest is history.

Soon the curtain fell on kitty parties as the women folk, some business owners and others housewives, paraded about town in their four-wheeled toys that their loving, ultra-rich husbands buy them. Apparently members have shopping dates each leaving a car showroom with a key or two in hand.

Like Sobati says how she and five members once went for to test drive a $200,000 Ferrari California T and walked out with two purchase orders. Imagine the sales guy’s bonus that quarter.

In a city like Dubai, this club has a calling and will run like a, well, a Ferrai. Women in this wealth-laden city shops for luxury cars like the working class pick up eggs for the week. This sort of club only goes to the length to show the affluent tastes of the desert paradise.


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