A $100k Cadillac Escalade may be on the cards

When you think of complete luxury, you probably wouldn’t think about a Cadillac Escalade at first go, unless you’re a pistol-popping, bling-wearing neighbourhood brute. Cadillac seeks to change the image the world has created of the Escalade however, and is desperately trying to make heads turn with a model that could very well come with a price tag topping $100,000. Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons for Cadillac to pimp up its ride is the fact that competing European players like Jaguar, Bentley and Range Rover are continually unveiling expensive and luxuriously sound SUVs. That said, the exact nature of the upgrades in the new Escalade hasn’t been mentioned by the company yet, though we do expect the SUV to come with major performance upgrades.

For those who know General Motors well enough, the automaker isn’t too afraid of popping massive engines in its cars. The upcoming Escalade could very well sport a huge powerhouse under its hood to lug all the luxury this upcoming car packs, around. That said, we’re looking forward to see just how the Escalade turns into a tuxedo-draped gentleman from a gangster. It’ll be interesting to see just how the American car maker lures its buyers away from European brands.

[ Via : Autoblog]

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