A $20 million luxury yacht has been wrapped in gold vinyl for the London fashion week

The rich aren’t rich enough till they got a huge golden yacht to brag about! Seems like we won’t have enough of all the golden things in the world; earlier the stolen golden toilet made news and now this humongous Bellami yacht, is being restored to its former ‘golden glory’ in Canary Wharf. The luxury £16 million superyacht has been wrapped in gold vinyl for London Fashion Week as guests get set to descend on the vessel to enjoy its onboard spa and golden jet skis. Of course, when your guests have such glittering personas you can’t look like a plain white superyacht! Matching golden jet skis are not alone here; the yacht also comes complete with a large Jacuzzi, sun loungers, six staterooms. The sailboat boasts a large pool, a spa and a glass waterfall. Onboard, she accommodates 12 guests across six staterooms (one master, one VIP, three double and one twin). Guests get to enjoy a fully equipped gym, spa and a fully stocked hair salon so super-rich guests can always look their best on the Bellami yacht.

Bellamihair.com commissioned the yacht to be wrapped in chrome gold and has embarked on a tour across the Mediterranean with it, before docking for London Fashion Week. Company LuxWrap has said the gilded hull on the superyacht is the “the world’s largest chrome wrap”.

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