A DeLorean gets a hot tub installed in it in this epic Super-Fan Build

You may not really go back to the Future anytime soon, but you can surely have a bath-tub that simulates the experience of the famed Hot Tub Time Machine! Mash the two fantasies up and you have a ‘horizontal-wheeled’ DeLorean from BTTF with its very own hot tub on-board. That’s what it is to be a Super-Fan and have something of this proportion made for you. The developers installed lift actuators to get the levitate car by nearly 8-inches and stunning neons to make the car look as futuristic and as close to the car in the movie as is possible. The details of the DMC upfront and the SUPERFAN license plate absolutely won the day. The doors even opened to reveal the innards of the stunning time-machine.

YouTube video

Geeks would love to know that the things that were crossed off the makers’ lists were LED tubing and lighting, a Mr. Fusion energy reactor, and other details that only a Super-Fan would notice. This is one snazzy movie prop we would love in our backyard too!

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