A gold-wrapped 30th Anniversary Lamborghini Diablo goes bold in Canada

It seems like cars whitewashed in gold are just not enough. Just yesterday, we saw Flo-Rida “go gold” with his Bugatti Veyron, and now its Canadian automotive wrapping specialist – ZR Auto’s Zahir Rana, giving his wife’s raging bull – Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Lamborghini Diablo, a gold makeover. Sources say Zahir’s first attempt at the makeover wasn’t much appreciated by the owner himself, who preferred re-doing the wraps. He expressed, “It just didn’t look right,” so, “I had my boys remove the wrap because it was quite ugly actually.” Like it doesn’t look ugly now.

I’d say the Bugatti wrapped in gold chrome looks more elegant than the latter option Zahir finalized on. He ordered high-quality gold wrapping material from Avery and covered the Diablo in what he claims to be the first of a kind in the country. However, Zahir, we’d like you to have an up-close look at the Solid Gold Maybach. Does that make your gold palette a one of its kind color? One that only you own?









[Via – Gtspirit]

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