A Tesla Model S just for kids

Who needs to wait 18 years to be able to own and driver your own set of wheels anymore. With Radio Flyer’s new toy vehicle for children, a mini version of the Tesla Model S, your little one’s will be cruising down your street, from this May. Available for preorder, the set of wheel will cost you $500.

The pint-sized Tesla Model S is suitable for kids between the ages of three and eight and is as real as it gets. The toy car comes with working headlights and a lithium ion battery that allows the vehicle more “play time” than any toy car out there. There are a couple of color options you can pick from its bigger model when designing the cars. These include deep blue metallic, midnight silver metallic and red multi-coat and you can make it more real with accessories like license plates, parking signs and car covers – all available online. The car can go up to six miles per hour but if you don’t want your child racing down the street already, this can be limited to three miles per hour via a switch on the vehicle.

There is also a front trunk for storing all his other toys and a sound system that can be plugged into your mobile device. Baby heaven!

Clearly the trend these days, just last week Actev Motors launched their $599 electric Arrow Smart-Kart that looks just like a race car and comes with two separate motors for driving and braking, and crazy features like collision avoidance and geofencing. Parents can monitor the cart remotely through a smartphone app.

Remembering the days when we made our own car with boxes and just ran as fast as we could. Ancient history.

[ Via : Time ]

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