A watch designer unveils a unique pilot car with matching timepieces for its driver

How many times have we heard of a horological expert devising a full-fledged concept car? Before you’re compelled to say never, have a look at this phenomenal 190 MPH concept sports car that boasts of an ultra-low 43-inch profile and a sleek carbon-fiber exterior – designed by none other than a quirky watch manufacturing brand – Bell & Ross’s. While the car sounds like a fab machine, there is all but one catch – it only exists virtually. Though you may never be able to lay hands on this ultra- tech vehicle, you can nonetheless buy the timepieces that will be built around the same concept.

Conceptualized by watch maverick – Bruno Belamich, the watches will be designed to resonate with the virtual sports car – The AeroGT. Even though the car does not actually exist, Belamich has left no stone unturned to include every possible fabric of its pilot design into the timepieces. After consulting a panel of car designers and engineers, he zeroed in on a horological design that includes the jet’s aerodynamics with Ultrathin side mirrors that resemble the forewings of a fighter jet, and a longitudinal aileron at the rear that looks like a plane’s tail. (on the basis of the AeroGT being a sports car with top-notch aerodynamics). While the resultant watches – he BR03-92 (a skeletonized three-hander) and the BR03-94 (a skeletonized chronograph), truly articulate the AeroGT, they are crafted with a functional and utilitarian approach that goes beyond the car’s blueprint alone.

In the past as well, the watch designer has taken inspiration from machines like the Boeing 747 and the Harley-Davidson for his collections. Whether or not his pilot ever gets built into a real car, the timepieces are a perfect complement for those automobile enthusiasts, who love them watches alike!


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