A 100 year old Rolls Royce Picnic Set for retro themed outings

While picnics today are a thing of the past as most people seem to be too busy to take a break. But if you need to infuse some quiet family time, then you need a picnic set to enjoy it to the fullest. And you can do it in style with the Rolls-Royce picnic set. Dating back to 1905, this one is crafted to fit right inside the floorboard of your luxury Rolls Royce car that doubles up as a footrest. Once opened, the 22 1/2-inch wide, 15-inch deep, 9 3/8-inch high picnic set reveals a picnic service for four, which can hold sandwiches, tea, coffee, and cocktails.

A little more probing will lead you to two leather-wrapped stainless thermoses, four dishes with recesses for teacups, a matchbox, and utensils, including spoons, forks, mustard and butter spoons, and bone-handles knives, all courtesy of Joseph Fenton & Sons, Sheffield. At the end of the pit are two glass bottles wrapped in wicker for water or wine, two flasks with fitted metal cups, an enameled container, a kettle and burner, four teacups, four smaller glass bottles, ceramic mustard, and butter pots, salt, and pepper jars and a small tin. I don’t know about you, but a day-picnic sure seems very desirable to me now. Grab it for $14,850.

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