A 1930 functional wooden car is a collector’s delight

There are cars; there are watches, even antique furniture, but a collectible wooden car for a collectible? Seems preposterous, right? Not if the car in question is a unique, hand-built car crafted by none other than famous boat-builder, Peter Lawrence. Yup, you got it to mate. Called the Talbot, for its stark resemblance in shape and configuration to a boat’s tail, it was built with the finest of Honduran mahogany with black leather interiors and another art decor first produced in 1930 at the Clement Talbot Company in London. But it saw the light of the day 30 years later with Peter.

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Too bad, by the time we got to do this post, this stem-to-stem crafted sedan was on its way to auction. By the way, the car still runs the mile, thanks to a six-cylinder, 1,670cc engine. More on the owner soon…

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