A car park at The Cube, Birmingham trains your car to park itself

Parallel parking can be a real nightmare especially if you have no valet or any assistance of sorts. Would it be better if your car can park itself instead? Well, this fantasy can come true for you, if you visit the newest sky scraper, in Birmingham called the Cube, where cars take care of themselves to rest. Plus the technology used is so robust, that you may forget where you parked your car, but now the parking lot! Check out the video for a live demo.

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Costing over £2 million to automate, the system is place at a height of 20m and has been designed by Andrew Smith of WOHR Car Parking Systems. A lift system is in place to take the car to the lot where it can find a spot for itself. Smith says that a uniquely designate entry key ensures that the car is always found.

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