A customized Harley Davidson rides in to celebrate Evisu’s 20th anniversary

Bike lovers, especially the aficionados of Harley Davidson make a beeline towards the famed Saville Row. For a very limited time a custom designed Kamome Sprinter Harley Davidson will be available for sale in the Evisu store. If you cannot believe it, just check it out. As a part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations, Evisu the Japanese denim brand has teamed up with Warr’s Harley Davidson dealership to offer a customized motorbike which will appeal to all hardcore bike enthusiasts. Available in black, gold and chrome, the motorbike has denim details throughout to represent the Evisu brand. This one of a kind bike will be available at Evisu, as well as Warr’s showroom for an estimated price of about ₤35,000 ($57,500).

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